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Value Steak Bundle

Value Steak Bundle

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Enjoy premium quality, delicious steak cuts with an unbeatable value! These steak cuts often go overlooked as they don't have the name recognition that Ribeye and Filet Mignon carry but we can vouch for their deliciousness. 

We would honestly put our NY Strip Steak up against anyone else's Ribeye! Why? Because we raise our cattle an entire year+ longer than the industry average. Time is one of the greatest factors in well-marbled beef, but time is money so its very rare for farmers to raise anything older than 14 months. Our target age is 28 months! Once you try these steaks, you'll realize the difference in Grandpa Don's Market beef.

Each bundle includes:

2 - NY Strip Steaks [12-14 oz. each]

2 - Top Sirloin Steaks [10-12 oz. each]

2 - Chuck Steaks [8-10 oz. each]

2 - Sirloin Tip Steaks [8-10 oz. each]

2 - Boneless Pork Chops [8 oz. each]