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Pork Butt [2.5-3lb]

Pork Butt [2.5-3lb]

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Pork butt (Boston butt) is a large cut from the shoulder of the pig. It is best roasted, smoked, or braised. Pork butt is definitely one of the most satisfying pork cuts to eat slow-cooked. It's marbled with flavorful fat that melts into the meat during slow-cooking, turning it into the juiciest, tenderest, richest pork you've ever eaten.

Heritage pork humanely raised with access to fresh air, sunlight, shelterand plenty of room to roam in Southeast Minnesota.

  • Hormone free

  • No antibiotics

  • Small family farm

  • Delivered to your door


This package contains approx. 2.5- 3 lb of pork butt.