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Hope Creamery Butter - Grandpa Dons Market

Hope Butter

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The Hope Creamery had been a farmer cooperative since the new building was built in the 1920’s.  Since 2001, the creamery has been owned and operated by Victor Mrotz, a local farmer and entrepreneur that saw an opportunity when the creamery was slated for closure.  He bought the building and the land and used the original label to produce a butter that is a thing of the past; Hope Creamery Butter.

As the years have gone by, local has become an important part of consumer’s food choices.  People like to know where their food is coming from and how is it produced.  Hope Creamery fits that profile very well.  Our butter is made using an age old process.  Vat pasteurization, and small batch quantities are churned fresh every week.  While some large producers of butter will manufacture and then freeze their product until it hits the shelf in the grocery store, we never inventory product.  Our business model is simple; we make butter, we sell butter and then we make more butter.  Simple.