1/2 beef and whole hogs now available! Reserve yours today. Prices of 1/2's and wholes are for on-farm pickup.

1/4 Beef- On Farm Pick Up - Grandpa Dons Market

1/4 Beef- On Farm Pick Up

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Buy in bulk and save! Our 1/4 beef price is $2.50/lb hanging weight plus processing. We deal with the butcher ourselves, pickup and store in our freezer until you're ready to pick it up at our farm. Requires a $200 deposit to reserve which will be applied to the total bill. 

  • Hanging weight averages  200lbs x $2.50/lb = $500
  • Processing fee will average  $150-$200 =         $175
  • Total money spent =                                          $675
  • Total take home weight of 110 - 120lbs =      $5.87/lb average

Email us to arrange your butcher date: