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We raise Hereford beef in the hills of Southeast, MN. Our cows enjoy luscious pastures, spring-fed creeks and endless acres to roam. We supplement our pastures with grain to add delicious marbling to our meat. In addition to our own cows we source from neighbors and family members that meet our standards. We are proud of our farms and welcome folks to see how our animals are raised. 


We raise a heritage breed mix between Red Wattle and Berkshire. In our experience, the cross between these two breeds has produced the best tasting pork we've ever had. The deep, rich pork flavor and ample marbling is far superior to factory farmed commercial pork. If you haven't tried heritage pork, we're happy to help change that. These pigs are raised outdoors on pasture and fed an all vegetarian diet. Pigs are naturally meant to rut in the dirt and not stuck in a barn.


Driftless Fish Co., LLC

Originally founded by Grandpa Don's grandson, Driftless Fish Co. is a local, sustainable trout farm in the Driftless Region of Minnesota. Trout are raised outdoors in spring-fed ponds with access to wild bugs, sunlight, and large areas to roam free. The spring water feeding these farms is drinking water quality free from mercury, PCBs, agricultural runoff and plastic. This results in the cleanest seafood products on the market.