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Our Story

Grandpa Don grew up in the small rural town of Mabel, Mn. Here, Don and his brother Shorty teamed up to continue their fathers’ business, Lind Meat Market. One day a regular customer of theirs traded 3 Hereford calves in exchange for services. After raising these calves, Don grew fond of the farming life and decided they should sell the small butcher shop. Shorty agreed and packed his bags for the warmer weather of Arizona. Don took his portion of the sale and bought a small farm with 160 acres of land. Soon after, Don convinced his wife, Anita, to leave the comforts of the small town to live the life of a farmer.

Don grew his farm from 3 calves to a herd of 50 plus beef cows and added a small dairy, pigs, chickens and row crops. This was the quintessential family farm with diverse production and careful management of the land. Don’s passion for farming and quality food was infectious to everyone around him, especially his children. To this day, all 5 of them are deeply involved in agriculture. The love for good food has now permeated to the third and fourth generations. A family legacy that will continue indefinitely.

In 2019, we decided to build on our family’s passion for good food. Our farming ventures have provided us with a bounty of wonderful products that we want to share with our local community. In addition to our own farm, we’ve sourced from nearby family farms to give our customers a diverse offering. From pastured beef to heritage pork and spring-fed rainbow trout, we have something to suit all meat connoisseurs. 


Our Vision

We believe in the need to build a healthy, vibrant, and sustainable food system to provide an alternative to mass produced industrial agriculture. Current trends in industrial agriculture have prioritized quantity over quality, leading to the degradation of our environment and unhealthy products for Americans. It is vital for our planet and our future generations to strive for better food.

We support all attempts for consumers to source local products from farmers doings things the right way. The local food movement has given rise to farmers markets, community supported agriculture (CSA’s) and local food coops. To continue growing this movement, we believe in the added focus of convenience for consumers. Our fast-paced lifestyle values convenient food options, which we see with the growth of home delivered food. It is our mission to provide consumers with the ultimate convenience of accessing these great products with the touch of their phone. By eliminating middlemen such as distributors and retailers, we can offer consumers unbeatable prices while providing farmers an equitable return for their hard labor.